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Aquatic Therapy Protocols

When To Begin Aquatic Rehabilitation

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Getting athletes or patients into the water as soon as possible is an integral part of providing an enhanced and speedy recovery. The earlier the individual can begin their rehabilitation, the sooner they are able to return to what they need and love to do. Benefits Of Early Aquatic Rehabilitation The ability to get an […]

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Aquatic Therapy Benefits Pitcher with Broken Femur

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With the 2014 Major League Baseball spring training season right around the corner, here is one way to provide rehabilitation to an athlete who may have an injured femur. This case study revolves around a 19 year old baseball pitcher from Alderson-Broaddus College in West Virginia.  The athlete broke his femur in a car accident […]

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Aquatic Therapy Provides Ideal Environment for Pulmonary Edema Recovery

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Flash pulmonary edema (or acute pulmonary edema) can sometimes be an extremely serious condition because of its rapid onset.  One patient at Freeman Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Joplin, MO, Stephen Horne, was in the ICU and on a ventilator for almost two weeks after his episode. Three weeks after he was discharged, the physical therapists […]

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Achilles Rehab Case Study

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Protecting Achilles repair post-surgery early on in the rehabilitation process is extremely important. Using water therapy, exercises can begin earlier with reduced stress on the repair. Achilles Rehab Case Study At Boston Sports Medicine, physical therapist Meaghan Harwood discusses the importance of using aquatic therapy for her patient, Dan, after his Achilles repair. Dan has […]

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Making Waves: How to Start an Aquatic Therapy Program

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Aquatic therapy has become more widely accepted in modern rehabilitation. Many physical therapy clinics, specializing in everything from sports and orthopedic rehabilitation to neurologic disorders, have established their own facilities with therapy pools in order to better serve their patients. Facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic, the Andrews Institute, OrthoCarolina, Neuroworx, Kennedy Krieger and many […]

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