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Making Waves: How to Start an Aquatic Therapy Program

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Aquatic therapy has become more widely accepted in modern rehabilitation. Many physical therapy clinics, specializing in everything from sports and orthopedic rehabilitation to neurologic disorders, have established their own facilities with therapy pools in order to better serve their patients. Facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic, the Andrews Institute, OrthoCarolina, Neuroworx, Kennedy Krieger and many […]

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5 Simple Steps to Boost Profit Margin with Aquatic Therapy

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For wellness, recreational and physical therapy centers looking to increase profit margin and their client base, adding aquatic therapy to your facility seems like the perfect thing to do. ‘But how do I know it will be a worthwhile investment? How can I increase our facilities profit margin?’ These are the questions that Executive Director […]

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Packing the Waiting Room of Your Physical Therapy Clinic

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When you are opening your own physical therapy clinic, packing your waiting room with patients is always a concern.  To obtain a competitive advantage, you’ve already made the decision to include aquatic therapy in your facility design, now you just need to let everyone in the surrounding areas aware of the new service you’re offering […]

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Marketing Your Physical Therapy Clinic with Social Media

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For physical therapy clinics looking to gain a competitive edge, social media marketing may be a cost effective option. A new book “Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinics” by Chhoda offers the following advise– “social media will no longer be a fad, it will be a revolution”. Chhoda believes that social media can help therapists market […]

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Insider Tips on Maximizing Your Aquatics Program

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Watch as Martin Jones DPT, Clinic Owner of Classic Rehabilitation in Grand Prairie and Arlington Texas, gives his insight on how to utilize, market and maximize the value of his HydroWorx physical therapy pool.

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Expanding Your Clientele: Marketing Ideas from Tony Pazzaglia

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In today’s economy, staying profitable involves remaining ahead of the curve. For PT practitioners, this means getting creative with marketing to grow your practice. While healthcare is widely cited as one of the strongest and fastest-growing sectors in the American economy, it’s also one of the most competitive. If you run a smaller private physical […]

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