Phillies, Rays Swing for the Fence with HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pools

Phillies, Rays Swing for the Fence with HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pools

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Phillies, Rays Swing for the Fence with HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pools

Middletown, PA-HydroWorx International, Inc., the world leader in aquatic therapy and conditioning pools, is especially excited about the 2008 Major League Baseball World Series. The company from Middletown, PA is rooting for every player in both dugouts this year since the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays are both HydroWorx customers.
Injury is inevitable in professional baseball today. The regular season schedule is a marathon in Major League Baseball, consisting of 162 grueling games. Athletic trainers and team doctors are constantly searching for methods to keep their athletes healthiest; teams able to keep their best players on the field are invariably the most successful teams. Aquatic therapy has proven to be among the most effective means of keeping athletes in top physical condition and HydroWorx sets the benchmark for quality in sports rehabilitation and training.

HydroWorx co-founder and president, Anson Flake proclaimed, “HydroWorx is honored to be a part of the aquatic therapy success this outstanding Phillies ball club has enjoyed. The team utilizes a HydroWorx 2000 series underwater treadmill pool and a ThermalPlunge pool for rehab and conditioning in the clubhouse facility at state-of-the-art Citizens Bank Park.”

The 43,500 seat park is a fan favorite with fun features concessions, real grass, angled seating, rooftop bleachers, and a modern design that hitters thrive in. Philadelphia faithful are thrilled that players like Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels can rebound from the daily grind on the diamond using HydroWorx aquatic therapy technology. 45-year-old veteran pitcher Jamie Moyer continues to inspire the home crowd as he has for decades. His secret to longevity in the major leagues is staying active, even on the nights he’s not pitching. He arrives at the ballpark six hours before games to get a great cardiovascular workout in the HydroWorx pool. The water supports a portion of his bodyweight as he exercises and rehabilitates. A study done at Texas A&M University proved that participants who ran in a HydroWorx pool improved their overall health and fitness without the joint trauma and wear-and-tear that one normally experiences working out on land.

Philadelphia’s players rehabilitate and exercise HydroWorx-style year round. Flake was quick to point out, “We’re humbled that the Phillies also included a HydroWorx 500 Series underwater treadmill at their Spring Training facility in Clearwater, FL”.
Speaking of successful Spring Training, the Tampa Bay Rays have decided to include a HydroWorx 1100 Series underwater treadmill pool as well as HydroWorx ThermalPlunge and PolarPlunge pools in their new renovation of the clubhouse at the Port Charlotte Sports Park Complex, site of the Rays’ upcoming 2009 Spring Training. The Stadium will be completely renovated to be on par with the best facilities in the Grapefruit League. A cutting-edge 40000 square foot building will hold the Rays administrative offices. Commodious major and minor league clubhouses will brim with stars like Carlos Peña, Evan Longoria, Akinori Iwamura, and James Shields.

With World Series powerhouses in his corner, Flake maintained “It is fulfilling to realize that we’re helping the greatest baseball players in the world maximize their potential by staying healthy with aquatic therapy. We’re blessed that elite sports professionals recognize the benefits of running underwater. These athletes are warriors out there, and any help we can provide by taking the stress off their bodies is very rewarding for us as a company”. That said, Flake refused to take sides in this year’s October Classic: “I’m a lifelong fan of any organization that invites HydroWorx to be a part of their team”.

About HydroWorx: HydroWorx specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing the world’s finest water therapy and conditioning equipment for the sports, healthcare, eldercare, and fitness markets. The company leads the industry in scientific research and data supporting the therapeutic and rehabilitative properties of water therapy. HydroWorx has sold products in 50 states and nine countries. Among its extensive and elite client list are: Dr. James Andrews, renowned orthopedic surgeon; the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, the U.S. Navy Seals, NASA, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Manchester United, Nike, the NHL champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the NCAA men’s basketball national champion Duke University, Notre Dame, and Appalachian State.


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