Attendees Dive In at Hydrotherapy Course at St George’s Park

Attendees Dive In at Hydrotherapy Course at St George’s Park

Last week, HydroWorx offered an aquatic therapy education course at St. George’s Park National Training Centre.  The half day course included a presentation and in water demonstration by Jason Palmer, Physiotherapist from Chelsea Football Club.  Participating in the course were physiotherapists and educators from the Premier League, Rugby Clubs, and Private Practice Physical Therapy settings.  Additionally, Brock Christopher of Michael Johnson Performance demonstrated how the HydroWorx can be utilized for a variety of strength training techniques.  Using the underwater cameras of the fitness pool, he and the athlete can use the biofeedback to make corrections to posture and movement.

The course was full of both scientific and practical training. Attendees had an opportunity to get in the pool and experience a variety of techniques for rehabilitation and cardiovascular fitness.  We are planning to repeat the course in October.  If you missed us this week, please contact Kim Willing to be included on our invitation list for the next event.


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