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How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Aquatic Therapy

How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Aquatic Therapy

Investing in aquatic therapy can be a leap of faith! The financial commitment may cause a business owner to question the potential return on investment. To ensure success, good preliminary and ongoing marketing efforts are a must.

Troy Moore, DPT, at Central Kansas Orthopedic Group shares their strategy for utilizing video to generate awareness for their aquatic therapy program.

How To Create Videos To Promote Aquatic Therapy

Troy created a couple of really effective videos that kick-started awareness of their aquatic investment in their town of about 15,000. In his own words, here’s how he did it:

  1. We enlisted help. I hired a local advertising company and paid them about $300 per video to help me make the short films. I already knew what messaging we wanted to incorporate and they helped me put these thoughts to video.
  2. We bypassed TV advertising. I understand the power and value of a visual experience, especially when we’re talking about a product that is new to most people. I could explain our new HydroWorx system all I wanted but until people saw it in action, I knew they wouldn’t really understand it. When I looked into TV advertising, I realized it would be cost prohibitive. I knew social media would be the way to go. Just because you can’t afford TV ads doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in the visual concept.
  3. We take it with us! Not only did I post the video to our social media sites (and will eventually add it to our company’s website) I also take it with me! When I’m making rounds at the hospital and visiting with patients about their physical therapy options, I show them the video on my phone and say, “This could be you!” They get excited about healing with the help of water and they tell their friends about the excellent, forward thinking care they get with our group. When patients have a positive experience, since we’re in a small town, it spreads like wildfire!
  4. We used Facebook ads. In my part of the world, Facebook is still pretty popular. We placed two Facebook ads and received about 42,000 views, spending about $200 total. This was a great value, especially compared to the thousands of dollars we would have paid to the TV stations for roughly the same viewers from our target market.

Because of our initial effort in video marketing, water has created a great “buzz” for us around town. Our patients are loving it, seeing results, and talking to their providers and friends about our new system. As is always the case, this organic, word-of-mouth promotion is of greater value than any marketing material we can create and is the desired outcome of our video-making efforts!


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