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8 Ways Warm Water Benefits Those with Neurological Conditions

8 Ways Warm Water Benefits Those with Neurological Conditions

As a whole, warm water immersion offers several benefits for the body, especially the nervous system. HydroWorx aquatic wellness pools have been designed with versatility in order to treat a wide variety of specific health conditions, including spinal cord injury, stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Neurological Condition Patients

HydroWorx has seen aquatic therapy support patients with neurological conditions firsthand. Here are some of the top benefits of engaging in aquatic therapy for a neurological condition.

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1. Promotes Functional Mobility

The warm water of a wellness pool — typically around 92 degrees — provides sensory stimulation to the entire body, offering pain management and easy mobility. For those relearning how to walk, underwater cameras make it easy to watch and adjust movements in real-time, which helps to speed up the learning process.

A patient with a neurological condition can also experience relief from muscle or joint pain with the underwater deep tissue massage hose. The deep penetrating massage is ideal for reducing discomfort, manipulating scar tissue and improving circulation.

2. Improves Balance and Proprioception

Water’s buoyant property also helps with balance, reducing the stress on feet and joints. As the water moves, patients are challenged to maintain their balance and get stronger.

3. Promotes Lumbar Stabilization

Chronic back pain can make it challenging to work out or strengthen back muscles. Aquatic therapy provides an opportunity to focus on strengthening the back with reduced pain and pressure.

4. Improves Gait Training

Gait training can further be enhanced with an underwater treadmill. Studies have shown underwater treadmill gait training as beneficial in chronic stroke patients as some are relearning how to walk, improving static and dynamic balance.

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5. Helps Regain Trunk Balance, Range of Motion, Strength and Endurance

The water offers a valuable place to work on regaining motion during neurological rehabilitation. Additionally, the water eliminates up to 80% of a person’s body weight which can make skills easier to perform. By doing exercises underwater, one can work on training and strengthening muscles so the skills may eventually become possible on land.

6. Promotes Ambulation, Sitting and Standing Balance

Relying on their balance can be challenging for a patient with a neurological condition. They can move easier without assistance on land — from sitting to standing and walking — through regular aquatic therapy sessions.

7. Encourages Safety and Confidence

Therapy in a warm water environment eliminates any fears of falling or getting injured that patients may have when they are performing land therapy. In this environment, users can perform exercises in confidence, getting the most out of them.

8. It’s Fun!

Most of all, aquatic therapy can be fun! Motivation to exercise is easier when patients enjoy it — so encourage splashing around and taking the opportunity to feel light on their feet.

Recover Easier With a HydroWorx Pool

Since 1998, HydroWorx pools have helped patients with neurological conditions see results and reach their goals. Find one of our aquatic wellness pools near you today!

Warm Water Therapy Case Studies

Explore our video library, to learn how warm water aquatic therapy has helped these patients.

L3 Vertebral Damage and Paralysis

Ken Evans awoke from a nine-hour spinal fusion surgery unable to move or feel his legs from the hips down. Through tireless effort, dedication and paralysis therapy in the pool, Ken has achieved levels of fitness and wellness that allow him to teach ski lessons again.

Severed Carotid Artery Resulting in a Stroke

Kansas Joint and Spine clinicians use neurological pool therapy to treat Charlene, an inspiring young woman who is recovering from a tragic car crash. In addition to a broken femur and other serious injuries, Charlene’s carotid artery was severed; she suffered a massive stroke.

Multiple Sclerosis

Rick Ebner was a collegiate running back and wrestler. His life revolved around athletic activity until, at age 32, he was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. He utilizes the HydroWorx pool at ACCUA in Savage, MN. He has gained strength, confidence, balance, and capability through exercising and neurological aqua therapy aqua therapy rehabilitation on the treadmill in the pool.

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Page Updated on: August 7th, 2020


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  1. I really like that you mentioned that performing exercises underwater can help improve and strengthen muscles. My little brother has multiple sclerosis, and we’ve never thought to try anything like this. Thanks for the information–I’l be sure to mention it to my parents and see if we can try it out.

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