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8 Must-Have Hydrotherapy Accessories for Athletic Trainers

8 Must-Have Hydrotherapy Accessories for Athletic Trainers

Hydrotherapy is a dynamic treatment that can be used for every stage of training to optimize performance. In this accessory guide we’re reviewing 8 tools that can help you level up hydrotherapy treatments for your athletes.

#1 Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are easy tools that can elevate your hydrotherapy sessions by increasing resistance. Have your athletes hold the pool noodle to push and pull against the water’s resistance to promote muscle strengthening and cardiovascular fitness.

Click here to learn about 4 pool noodle exercises: the noodle paddle pull through, noodle biking, supine noodle, and lunge with noodle press.

Pool noodle exercises can help you isolate muscles that need strengthening, and can add an element of instability to work on balance and coordination.

These exercises can be performed in both pools, and in freestanding units like the HydroWorx RISE and HydroWorx 350.

#2 Floating Belts

Buoyancy belts help athletes maintain balance enabling them to get more utility out of resistance training hydrotherapy exercises. They can also help athletes float so they can focus on using other tools such as barbells or foam noodles for upper body exercises. Flotation belts are also commonly used in combination with ankle weights to provide stability during underwater resistance training.

#3 Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are a staple of any athletic training room–but have you tried using them in the water? Use exercise bands underwater to isolate target muscles that may be missed because of the water’s buoyancy. Combine exercise bands with floating belts and weights to create challenging strengthening exercise.

Exercise bands are small and portable meaning they can be easily added to exercise routines in small hydrotherapy units like the HydroWorx ECO.

# 4 Underwater Cameras and Monitors

One of the most essential tools for successful hydrotherapy sessions are underwater cameras and monitors. These tools allow you to observe your athlete’s movement enabling you to provide better feedback and coaching. This real-time feedback allows you to demonstrate proper form to ensure athletes are getting the most out of their hydrotherapy sessions.

HydroWorx pools come standard with 2 monitors that integrate with an underwater camera system. Get more tips for designing an ideal hydrotherapy space.

# 5 Jets

Jets are a critical tool for both resistance exercises, and post-workout recovery. Leverage jets for:

  1. Create Challenging Exercises: Use the combination of jets and speed in underwater treadmills to create challenging endurance exercise routines.
  2. Recovery: Jets can elevate blood circulation, reducing pain inflammation and supporting the recovery process. Use jets for massage to decrease muscle tension and improve flexibility and range of motion.
  3. Enhanced Proprioception: Adding jets to workout routines can challenge athletes’ balance and coordination, improving their spatial awareness and proprioception.

# 6 Parallel Bars

Parallel bars provide stability and safety for athletes who are rehabbing from injury or as part of exercises designed to improve balance and stability. These bars can also be used to provide resistance for underwater exercise such as arm curls, leg press, and other strengthening exercises.

# 7 Ankle Weights

Ankle weights provide a tool for underwater strengthening exercises. They can be used for both strengthening and endurance exercises. 

# 8 Hand Buoys

Hand buoys are used like weighted barbells during hydrotherapy sessions and can be used for upper body strengthening, and rehabilitation exercises.

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