Walking with a Cane to Jogging Underwater, a HydroWorx Success Story

Walking with a Cane to Jogging Underwater, a HydroWorx Success Story

Last month we made a special visit to Life Enrichment Communities: Twin Towers in Cincinnati  OH to speak to some residents about why they use and enjoy the HydroWorx underwater treadmill. The first interview conducted was with Jim Stallings, who enthusiastically shares how it has impacted his life!

Once finding out about the HydroWorx pool, Jim was very eager to get in. Once in the water and walking on the treadmill, Jim found that he was able to stand up straight, rather than ‘all-bent over’ completely relying on his cane. Jim who has had two knee replacements, hip replacement surgery and back surgery, certainly knows a thing or two about physical therapy.  He relies heavily on his cane because of those knee surgeries and admits that walking bent over on land is more comfortable for him.

Then Jim made the transition into the water where he is able to stand completely straight, which came as quite a shock to this resident.  From Jim’s facial expression alone, you are able to see how much the HydroWorx therapy pool has impacted and changed his life!

The treadmill and elliptical are best options for him to use as exercise on land, however he is completely bent over using those pieces of equipment, which is uncomfortable and can make it a bit challenging. In our video interview, he talks about how drastically different his exercise experience has been in the water. For Jim and many other HydroWorx users find that the water enables them to do far more than they could ever have imagined doing on land!

It has made such an impact that Jim makes use of the pool about 3 to 4 times per week and hopes to increase that frequency soon.  Primarily, Jim has been exercising for about 30 minutes at a time at just under 3 mph, which causes him to jog! That is correct, Jim, who walks with a cane, bent over on land, can run in the HydroWorx pool for 30 minutes at a time!

I couldn’t believe that I could jog actually and be fairly comfortable doing it! There is no pain attached to it [working out on the underwater treadmill]! I find it is a good workout too;. I am tired when I’m finished thirty minutes on it [HydroWorx treadmill]

He  believes his leg are stronger and his endurance has been greatly improved  through the use of the underwater treadmill.  He is still in shock that at his ripe age of 86, he is able to jog for 30 minutes!


We would like to thank Jim Stallings for sharing his experience with using the HydroWorx! Be sure to watch the full video to hear the testimonial about the pool right from Jim himself!


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