Viking’s Star Experiences Water’s Healing Powers

Viking’s Star Experiences Water’s Healing Powers

Football season will be here before we know it! For football fans this is awesome news, but for an athlete recovering from knee surgery, it may be coming too quickly.

However for the Viking’s star running back, there is hope! Last December in a game against the Washington Redskins, the Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson suffered from a traumatic knee injury. This knee injury resulted in Peterson having to undergo reconstructive knee surgery.

With the season right around the corner, the running back is far from giving up. His expectations are set high with a goal to start in their first regular season game, September 9th against the Jacksonville, Jaguars. Combining Peterson’s perseverance and determination with state-of-the-art technology, and equipment, that goal is not too far from reach. The Viking’s star incorporates arcade and video games with underwater running in the HydroWorx for his physical & aquatic therapy sessions. View the video, from the Vikings website, to see Peterson in training and let us know if you believe he can get there! We sure do!


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