Owens All to His Faith

Owens All to His Faith

Philadelphia Daily News

Owens All to His Faith
Don Russell

IF TERRELL OWENS makes a heroic comeback and plays in the Super Bowl, who gets the credit? God, according to Terrell Owens.

In a widely reported comment, Owens declared this week, “Spiritually, God is healing me, and I exceeded what a lot of people expected me to be – even the doctor… Spiritually I have been healed and I will be on the field regardless of what anybody else says. They can’t deny the Man above.”

Funny, after Owens’ infamous Monday Night Football skit with that Desperate Housewife, holier-than though fans around the world were waving their Bibles at the Eagles receiver.  “Immoral,” “obscene” and “debauchery” were some of the judgments being passed down.

But now that Owens has taken a very public stand in praise of God, we haven’t heard a peep from those ’fans’.

Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania company says it wasn’t all God’s work.
In a press release yesterday, HydroWorx in Middletown, Pa., noted that Owens has been spending his rehab in the so-called “pool.”

The pool, according to the company, is the HydroWorx 2000, a $200000 sunken treadmill. “In the aquatic environment,” says the release, “athletes more quickly regain strength, range of motion and maintain condition for competition.”

Maybe. Go, T.O. The ankle tide is turning.

Philadelphia Daily News | 01/28/2005 | Owens All to His Faith


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