NJ Nets Star uses Aquatic Therapy for Right Foot Injury

NJ Nets Star uses Aquatic Therapy for Right Foot Injury

The last thing an athlete wants is to be injured, especially during the season where not playing in a game could put your team in jeopardy.  That is exactly what has happened to NJ Nets center, Brook Lopez.

On December 21st Lopez fractured his fifth metatarsal in his right foot, during the Nets second preseason game against the Miami Heat. Two days later, Lopez had surgery on his right foot at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, making his recovery time 6 to 8 weeks.

Lopez’s response to the injury, “I really wanna be back out there and help my team in any way that I can” is one that many dedicated athletes would have. This injury is especially difficult for the Nets center because he has never missed a game in his three seasons in the NBA.

For the past week or so, according to Nets coach Avery Johnson, Lopez has been doing a lot of upper body work with additional pool workouts on the underwater treadmill.   The HydroWorx X80 underwater treadmill, the product the Nets currently utilize at their facility, is an extremely effective piece of aquatic therapy equipment. Through the use of the underwater treadmill in Lopez’ rehab program, coach Avery Johnson hopes that the basketball star will be up and walking, possibly taking some shots by the end of this week.  Aquatic therapy and underwater treadmill training programs have been proven to speed an athlete’s rehab process, therefore decreasing their time on the sidelines.

To learn more about how the X80 underwater treadmill is used for rehabilitation, be sure to check out our video here: Physical Therapy X80 Programming Video


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