Marathon Training: From Rehabilitation to Performance

Marathon Training: From Rehabilitation to Performance

Nicole is an avid runner who has participated in multiple half-marathons and marathons. While training for a half marathon last year, she developed a painful injury with a pretty technical name: posterior tibialis tendonitis. This basically means she couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes without extreme pain in her foot and ankle.  She went to Boston Sports Medicine for therapy, and they immediately put her in the HydroWorx 500 Series Pool. In the water, they were able to work on things that she was not able to do on land because of the pain.

Using the underwater treadmill, her physical therapist, Jennifer Mohns, was able to help Nicole improve her gait by correcting things like foot strike and stride. With the un-weighting property of water, she was able to work on strengthening weak muscles that contribute to injuries. Things that she could not do on land due to the pain, she could comfortably handle in the water: like calf raises, squats, etc.

Once she was able to walk and run comfortably again, her therapy sessions stopped.  But when it came time to train for the 2013 Boston Marathon, Nicole knew she needed to focus on her form again.  She returned to Boston Sports Medicine to help with her training.  The biggest thing she’s found is that she has been able to remain injury-free since using the water.

Watch her full case history and pool therapy in the videos below:


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