Life Enriching Communities Resident shares Why Water Worx for Him

Life Enriching Communities Resident shares Why Water Worx for Him

As many of you know, we made a special visit to Life Enriching Communities last month in Cincinnati, OH, where we interviewed a number of residents who use the HydroWorx pool. Our third and final interview was with Karl Taybor, who also enjoys using the pool for therapy and group fitness classes.

Karl makes use of the aquatic therapy pool three to four times per week where he walks at varying speeds, usually starting off slower and increasing speed toward the end of his sessions. After undergoing two different back surgeries, walking on the underwater treadmill is a pain free and enjoyable form of exercise for Karl. One specific example that Karl shares was when he was unfortunately hit by a driver who ran a red light. His car was totaled and needless to say Karl was pretty shaken up and sore. After the accident, Karl wanted to try the regular exercise classes, but found that the pain was too great. However, Karl found that he was able to get in the pool and walk for 15 minutes straight without any limitations.

The underwater treadmill has helped Karl to move more freely throughout his home, rather than completely relying on his walker. But don’t worry there is time for ‘fun and games’ when residents hit around a beach ball before beginning group therapy sessions. Be sure to watch and hear from Karl himself why the pool has worked for him!


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