HydroWorx Guest Blogger: Triathlete Kelly McKluskey

HydroWorx Guest Blogger: Triathlete Kelly McKluskey

Person holding a bottle and wearing a HydroWorx ShirtAs a forty-something age group triathlete my priorities regarding racing having changed.

I used to obsess over times and statistics of other racers as compared to my own stats, but now I’m more concerned with staying injury free and healthy so I can continue to participate for many more years in my sport.

I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to stay low impact with my running portion of triathlon. I’ve found some nice mulch trails near my home and soccer fields that keep me off the pavement. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to use the HydroWorx therapy pool as part of my low impact workout.

The HydroWorx pool is unique because it has an underwater treadmill. I can get a run workout in 80% impact free. I was skeptical at first but within one use of the pool I was hooked.

I’ve tried regular pool running before with a weight belt in the deep end of the pool. I found this way of running very awkward, but the HydroWorx pool wasn’t because it is set up like a regular treadmill where your feet hit the ground; the difference is that you are in water and it doesn’t hurt.

The workout in the HydroWorx pool is also challenging, which as an endurance athlete I welcome. There are swim jets that create resistance while you are running; it is a one two punch as I’m getting my run done and I’m off the pavement. The jets can also be used to simulate an open water swim which I will touch on in a later blog; but that is another reason why the pool is so versatile.

I get bored easily with my training and workouts, which is one of the reasons why I love triathlon so much; I get to mix up three sports. Use of the therapy pool helps me keep my workouts fresh; I look forward to going and using the pool and I know I’m getting great results. The pool is fun too because I can watch myself while I’m running. There are underwater cameras that show what my feet look like when they hit the treadmill so I have instant feedback on my gait and I can instantly correct if I’m over or under pronating.

One of the things I’ve noticed is after my training session in the HydroWorx pool I’m energized. I feel like I could go back for more and I rarely feel that way after pounding the pavement for an hour or more.

After my last session in the pool I noticed a significant change in my running the very next day. I was refreshed and not sore and was able to run longer as a result of using the underwater treadmill. I was only scheduled to run five miles that day but ran seven because I felt so good. The realization; I need to incorporate the pool into my weekly routine to maximize my running.

I can’t imagine life without triathlon; to me it is like eating or sleeping or taking a shower; it is a necessity. I have wondered lately how I will keep my body going and now I have an answer; the HydroWorx pool.

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