HydroWorx Was a “Clear Choice” for This World-Class Senior Living Facility

HydroWorx Was a “Clear Choice” for This World-Class Senior Living Facility

When Clear Choice says its goal is to foster independence, freedom, mobility and healthy living in its residents, the company is being sincere. Not only are they known for their cutting-edge methods for helping their patients remain in tiptop shape, but they also offer tremendous resources. Currently, Clear Choice has multiple facilities across Florida and the rest of the country.

Recently, we visited with Clear Choice’s Spring Lake Rehabilitation Center in Winter Haven, Florida, home to two HydroWorx 500 Series pools, to understand how they are using their therapy pools. What we learned from Speech Language Pathologist Emily Perez and PTA Robin Rose of Clear Choice’s Spring Lake was exciting, so we want to share a few of the ways they use their hydrotherapy pool!

  • Both Emily and Robin find that the underwater treadmill is especially beneficial to the geriatric population suffering from low and upper extremity edema, arthritis (and similar conditions), compromised circulatory system, joint problems, general weakness and gait issues.
  • The treadmill has proven to be an excellent way to help patients with everyday life skills, such as being able to get in and out of a chair, walk without putting undue pressure on one side and much more.
  • For residents and clients who cannot safely conduct land-based physical therapy or exercise, the water provides an excellent means for stretching, squatting, walking, balancing and strength-building.
  • Speech therapy can even be completed in the water by using the water to blow bubbles, which uses a variety of mouth muscles!
  • By utilizing peripheral objects in the water, such as kickboards, patients are able to expand what they do when they are in the HydroWorx pool. When resistance jets are added, a new dimension of fitness can be reached.  (Plus, those jets are beloved as a soothing end-of-session massage.)

As Emily says with pride:  “This is the best equipment on the market… We use all aspects of it, every day.”

Take a look at some photos of Spring Lake Rehabilitation’s hydrotherapy room:

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