How A-Webb Got His Groove Back

How A-Webb Got His Groove Back

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How A-Webb Got His Groove Back

After being dealt a few unfortunate hands, Alan Webb is back. With a strong Achilles and an even stronger stride, he’s running full speed ahead.

The 2007 season put Alan Webb on top of the world as the highest-ranked miler. Unfortunately, with every high come some lows, and the following year left Alan sidelined with injuries and without a spot on the team heading to the Summer Games in Beijing. Injuries continued to plague Alan’s 2009 season, barely allowing him to race at all due to an injured Achilles.

He has since moved to Portland, Oregon, to join Alberto Salazar’s stable of athletes and to revive his running career. This spring, after undergoing surgery on his Achilles, Alan started running again. He experimented with different methods of cross training, submerging underwater in order to re-emerge on the track. With a Hydroworx underwater treadmill and an Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill, Alan got back up to speed. After months of slowly increasing his training, Alan was finally ready to recapture his form.

After clocking a mediocre (at least for Webb) 1:52 in the 800m in the UK, came a promising 3:41 in 1500m, and the results kept on coming…fast. Two weeks later he ran the same distances, slashing his 800m time down to 1:48 and his 1500m to 3:36 (a time that nearly equaled his fastest time over the past two years and placed him just one second behind the silver medalist from Beijing).

With such rapid improvement, we urge you to keep your eyes on Alan Webb. Next up, on September 26th, Alan is taking his talent to New York City for a unique mile race along the streets of Manhattan.

For a unique look into the training that helped Alan find his wheels, plunge into the video.



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