Diving Head First into Preparation for Opening Day

Diving Head First into Preparation for Opening Day

With MLB’s opening day about a month away, the rigorous spring training workouts have begun. Pitchers and catchers reported about 2 weeks ago and the rest of the squads and minor league players stepped foot on to the field a week ago.

When it comes to preparing for a a long season, for any sport, a great deal of planning must occur. A significant amount of thought must be done prior to having the team step on the field prior to a six-month long season, things like planning the lifting programs, nutrition, practice schedules, game schedules, conditioning programs and even the types of equipment used.

Recently, we have noticed a trend particularly pertaining to baseball teams and their spring training facilities. In the last 3-4 months, four different teams decided to take the plunge and add a pool to their facilities for water workouts and rehabilitation for their athletes. The pool is not only beneficial for athletes recovering from injuries, but also for training and conditioning. Because of water’s natural properties, individuals experience added resistance in the pool when running, walking or performing any exercise, making it an ideal environment for increasing muscle strength.

Specifically, one team that took the dive, were the New York Yankees. With one of their stay players recovering from a pretty serious injury, adding a unit to accelerate his rehab was a necessity  Derek Jeter had surgery on his fractured ankle in October and began his underwater sessions in January at the team’s facility in Tampa, Florida. Jeter told the NY Daily News, “I am just doing some stuff in the water. On the treadmill.” With a goal of starting in the Yankee’s season opener in April, the trainers and coaches knew they needed to upgrade their hydrotherapy equipment to help increase the chances of his return. The program seems to be working for this shortstop since he was spotted on the field in Tampa with the rest of the team. He feels very confident that he will reach the April 1st target date for his MLB return, and so do we!

Officially, MLB has announced the beginning of baseball season with ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” on March 31st.  Then on April 1st, twelve teams will have their season openers, beginning the six-month long regular season.  The final day of the 2013 regular season is scheduled for Sunday, September 29th.

We are very excited for baseball season to begin bringing the smell of hot dogs, crackers jacks and the warm weather! Will you be following  any team in particular this year or who are you most excited about watching? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter  by tweeting to us, @Hydroworx.

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