Carson Palmer, HydroWorx User, Traded to Raiders

Carson Palmer, HydroWorx User, Traded to Raiders

At 6’5”, quarterback Carson Palmer creates an imposing presence on the field. Recently traded to the Oakland Raiders, the 31-year-old has had a long history of making headlines, first in Ohio (as a Bengal) and now in California.

Though he held the spotlight as a Heisman Trophy Winner (2002), NFL Quarterback of the Year (2005) and Pro Bowl MVP (2006), he was almost sidelined after suffering a serious — and potentially career-ending — injury during the AFL playoffs on January 8, 2006.  Palmer’s resulting surgery to his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments left many wondering if the superstar would be able to return to the field.

Not one to go down without a fight, Palmer rehabbed hard on land and in the water. As this Sports Illustrated article details, his experience on the HydroWorx was a significant contributor to his getting back to tiptop shape.

We wish Palmer luck at his new home!


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