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The Benefits of Hydromassage

The Benefits of Hydromassage

Massage can provide a multitude of benefits, particularly for those who have suffered an injury, undergone surgery or for those with chronic pain conditions.

What Is Hydromassage?

Hydromassage is aquatic therapy with pressurized jets or hoses that work out muscles and soft tissue. Those with an injury, are post-surgery or have chronic pain conditions can benefit from a deep tissue hydromassage over a traditional massage. Hydromassage is often more comfortable than a manual massage, which can work tender muscles too pointedly. Pressure from a massage hose is wider spread and can be adjusted based on the patient’s needs.

Hydromassage Benefits

Hydromassage Benefits 

Common benefits of massage include:

  • Improved circulation: When combined with the natural properties of water, the massage hose works to improve blood circulation in the muscles. Increased circulation can reduce pain and encourage healing.
  • Reduced stress: A hydromassage releases tension in our muscles and connective tissue, relaxing the body and the mind.
  • Reaches deep tissues: A hydromassage with a deep tissue hose can put pressure on the body to reach pain at the root, loosening knots and spasms.
  • Quick results: A hydromassage can provide quick and lasting results. While longer sessions at a time are ideal, regular shorter sessions can help.
  • Decrease in daily symptoms: Hydromassage has shown benefits for arthritic and chronic pain conditions, decreasing pain and pressure in muscles and joints. It also allows patients to transfer relief on land.

Who Can Benefit From Hydromassage?

Anyone can benefit from a hydromassage. HydroWorx has seen clinicians use a massage hose in our pools for patients and athletes alike. Because hoses are adjustable to the patient’s condition, this gives clinicians a valuable tool to work on various patients or athletes and achieve desired results.

HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pools with Hydromassage

Whether you are a patient with a chronic condition, an athlete with an injury or a clinician looking for a wellness pool, HydroWorx can help. Reach out to us for more information on our pools, or find one of our pools in use near you!


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  1. Hydro massage sounds like a very interesting concept. I personally love swimming and if this massage types can deliver the results listed, it would an icing on the cake. This looks like a very promising concept and I cant wait to try it. Thank you for the share. Learned something new today.

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