Aquatic Deep Tissue Massage Does the Trick for Muscle Hematoma

Aquatic Deep Tissue Massage Does the Trick for Muscle Hematoma

Typically, a hematoma of a muscle will cure itself with rest and time.  But once in a while, they persist and can eventually create more serious complications, such as Myositis Ossificans (a condition in which the bruised muscle grows bone instead of new muscle cells). Recently, a young patient in the new aquatic addition at  Cox Rehab and Sports Medicine, in Monett, MO  was not seeing results from rest and was at risk for developing something more serious.

Justice incurred a deep contusion during recreational basketball and was having pain and a significant decrease in muscle strength. With hopes of participating in upcoming baseball tryouts, Justice came to Cox Rehab, via referral from his doctor, in order to accelerate his rehab and reduce his risk for complications. Kevin Norris, the treating physical therapist felt confident that aquatic therapy could be extremely beneficial in this case.  Norris saw particular promise in the use of massage hose on the HydroWorx 500 Series Pool for deep tissue work on the muscle.

After just one week of therapy, Justice made extreme progress and was able to participate in the upcoming baseball tryouts thanks to his successful rehab program.  His pain level dropped and his range of motion drastically increased. When he came to Cox he only had 70degrees of flexion, after three sessions had achieved 123degrees and by the 5th visit, he had regained full range of motion.

Massage was a key piece of the treatment Justice received, as it played an important role in ridding the muscle of much of the junk that had built up from the contusion. While hands-on massage would have been a viable option, the aquatic massage offered some benefits, particularly making the experience much more comfortable due to his pain level.

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Page Updated on: July 7th, 2020


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