Athletic’s playoff Victory makes a Personal Splash for One of Our very Own

Athletic’s playoff Victory makes a Personal Splash for One of Our very Own

HydroWorx would like to congratulate the Oakland Athletic’s on becoming this year AL West Champions! We can’t contain our excitement since one of our own employee’s brother is an Athletics’s relief pitcher: one that had a hand in their historic win last night!

Not only is this a rare occurrence because the Athletic’s have not been to the post-season since 2006, but it’s not everyday you get such an insider view at this level.

Sean Doolittle, the brother of a HydroWorx employee, Meghan, was drafted by the Oakland A’s in 2007 after his junior year at the University of Virginia. Doolittle was drafted as a first baseman and hitter, even though he pitched in college too. After two knee surgeries and two missed seasons, Sean was feeling healthy and only a few short days away (Spring of 2011) from being sent to Triple A (one step below the majors). That was when he tore a tendon in his right wrist, which thankfully was his non-throwing arm. After missing two seasons and under-going two knee surgeries, the last thing he wanted to do was undergo another surgery and miss the following season. Needless to say the lefty was discouraged, disappointed and extremely frustrated. While the trainers and coaches discussed Doolittles’ options, he began to stay mentally fresh and in-shape by throwing. Pitching to Sean and the athletic training staff, quickly became known as the ‘insurance plan’ to keep him in the organization and playing.

Well the rest is history. He played in an instructional league game in Arizona last summer (2011) and hit 97 mph 5 consecutive times! The pitching staff acted quickly and Sean Doolittle officially became an Oakland pitcher in August of 2011. This position change then started the many long days spent in ‘the office’ working on his mechanics, velocity, control, and strength. Sean will be the first to tell you that he owes a lot of his pitching knowledge and progress to his younger brother, Ryan. Ryan is also a pitcher in the Oakland Athletic’s minor league system.

Then came spring training 2012, Sean’s first spring training as a pitcher. Since this was his first season in the organization as a pitcher, he had to start at the bottom in Single A, in order to ‘prove himself.’ Well, those of you who know anything about Doolittle and the A’s, you know that it did not last long! The lefty pitcher moved from Single A to AA to AAA and then up to the major leagues in less than two months! If you had trouble following that , Doolittle changed positions in August of 2011 and began pitching up with the Athletics in June of 2012. That is a 10 month turn-around! His first major league debut was nothing short of extraordinary. Click here to watch his unbelievable major league debut of 3 strikeouts against the Rangers!

Doolittle’s story has been quite the topic of conversation around the office and around the country, especially after last night. The Athletic’s clinched a spot in the wild card on Monday night in their game against the Texas Rangers. Last night’s game, the third game of the series with Texas, was a shock to many. ‘The Oakland Athletics won the division title with another improbable rally in a season full of them, coming back from four runs down and a 13-game division deficit to stun the two-time defending league champion Texas Rangers 12-5.’ Doolittle pitched in the game on Monday against the Rangers, where they clinched the wild card, and then last night, to win the division! The Athletic’s are set to play the Detroit Tigers this weekend in Detroit.

His sister can hardly believe that this once skinny, buzz headed goofball is now wearing an Oakland A’s uniform and heading to the MLB playoffs! We could not more proud of Sean Doolittle and the whole Oakland Athletics’s organization!

Who’s with us in cheering the A’s on this weekend?!


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