6 Tips for Designing Your Pool Room

6 Tips for Designing Your Pool Room

Terrapinrendering2When considering integrating an aquatic therapy pool into a new facility, there are many things on which to focus: When does the pool get placed? How big should the room be? What does traffic flow look like? There are also many things that may not be obvious, but are equally important. Fortunately, we have assisted in hundreds of pool room designs and have learned some valuable tips along the way.

Here are a few things we’ve learned that can make your hydrotherapy space functional, safe and comfortable!

  1. Having locker rooms in close proximity to the pool area allows patients to change comfortably, accessing the pool without passing through high traffic areas.
  2. Adequate airflow in the pool room helps maintain a comfortable environment. Most pool rooms are kept around 85 degrees to minimize the variance from air temperature to water temperature.
  3. An access hatch, removable side panels or stairways are a few design options to provide the required access to the mechanical equipment.
  4. Select equipment such as the filter, heater, chiller and pumps can be remotely located, provided HydroWorx has reviewed the design layout to ensure proper performance and longevity of the equipment.
  5. Providing adequate air exchange in the mechanical pit is important for the long-term performance of the equipment as well as eliminating moisture buildup during routine draining and service procedures.
  6. An adequately sized sump pump or floor drain is required to drain the pools for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Our skilled team members are equipped to review your facility, plans, layouts and ideas. We can also provide expert advice on maximizing your potential with aquatic therapy. We will gladly offer solutions for installation, ROI and performance based on your specific needs.

Request a consultation with our experts today to see how to make your hydrotherapy space optimal for your needs!

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