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Aquatic Therapy Pools for Disabled Patients

Hydroworx 750Since 1998, HydroWorx products have been the health care pool of choice for use in assisted living centers, retirement communities and any hospital or clinic that treats disabled patients. Our pools are ideal for use with clients suffering from orthopedic or chronic conditions, and they include a number of standard features designed to improve range of motion, assist with entry and exit, and reduce pain and perception of effort. Investing in a HydroWorx pool is good for your facility and good for your clients — to learn more, contact our sales team to request a free informational DVD.

Superior Technology to Support Individuals With Mobility Issues

HydroWorx hospital pools are some of the most advanced aquatic therapy devices on the market today. We've incorporated a number of features to better serve aging or disabled adults, including:

  • Underwater treadmill: Our proprietary underwater treadmill comes standard on all of our pools. Patients with a physical disability or mobility challenge can use this feature to simulate land-based walking in a buoyant environment.
  • Safe accessibility: HydroWorx 2000 and 1200 Series pools for disabled clients feature a fully moveable floor that can be raised and lowered in less than 30 seconds. Patients with severe mobility issues can use our pools without the risk of falls or other accidents present when using ladders or steps. All of our other pools offer large stairs with a handrail for easy entry and exit, as opposed to small ladders.
  • Variable water depth: Several HydroWorx pool models feature adjustable water depth controls, either standard or as an optional feature. By adjusting the level of water in the pool, you control the amount of your client's weight that is being supported, allowing you to tailor the session to their abilities.
  • Resistance jets: All HydroWorx hospital pools are outfitted with variable speed resistance jets that allow you to control the intensity of the training session. Additionally, resistance jets can be outfitted with a deep tissue massage hose for a soothing cool down that reduces lactic acid buildup.
  • Underwater cameras: HydroWorx health care pools can be equipped with underwater cameras and video system. This allows clinicians and patients to monitor gait patterns and easily make real-time adjustments during sessions.

Clinical Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Disabled Clients

Aquatherapy in a hospital pool such as HydroWorx has been associated with a range of positive outcomes among patients with chronic conditions, including wider range of motion, decreased pain, improved proprioception, along with better circulation and cardiac function. Both anecdotal evidence and clinical research supports these benefits — a paper published by Michelle Kelly and Johanna Darrah in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology notes "exercise in water appeals to children with CP [cerebral palsy] because of the unique quality of buoyancy of water that reduces joint loading and impact, and decreases the negative influences of poor balance and poor postural control"(2005: Vol. 47 No. 12, pp838-842).

For more information about the clinical efficacy of HydroWorx pools for disabled patients, visit our research page.

Grow Your Profits With Our Complete Line of Health Care Pools

Hydroworx 1200 Pool

As a healthcare practitioner, you want what's best for your patients, but you also have a responsibility to run a profitable business. With a HydroWorx healthcare pool, you can effectively manage both these goals. For physical therapists, a HydroWorx pool for disabled patients sets your facility apart from others and opens your facility to clients with mobility or accessibility issues, creating a potentially valuable additional revenue stream. HydroWorx offers comprehensive marketing and ROI support to all our clients.