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Water Chemistry Tests Anyone Can Do

Water Chemistry Tests Anyone Can Do

Maintaining proper water chemistry is the best way to ensure that your aquatic therapy pool is operating in optimal condition and safe for your patients and athletes.  HydroWorx Service Technician, Shawn Bowman, demonstrates a basic water chemistry test that you can perform in your own HydroWorx Pool. Monitoring the water levels in your therapy & fitness pool is very important in order to maintain a safe and healthy aquatic therapy environment for you and your patients or athletes.

One of the ways to check your water chemistry is to use a Taylor Test Kit, which Shawn uses in the video, because it delivers the most accurate results.

The three tests that you want to perform are:

1. An Alkalinity Test

  • The goal for this test is to be somewhere between 80-120.

2. A PH test

  • The goal for your PH test is to be somewhere between the 7.2 to 7.6 range.
  • If you are lower than 7.2 then be sure to add a ‘PH increaser’ and if you are higher than 7.6 then add ‘PH decreaser.’

3. A Sanitation test using chlorine shock, which Shawn explains in this video!

To gain a better understanding on maintaining the water chemistry in your HydroWorx pool, please watch this video from our FREE Video Library.  If you have further questions or queries regarding HydroWorx Fitness Pools you can reach us at 800-753-9633.


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