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Understanding the Financial Returns of Therapy Pools

Understanding the Financial Returns of Therapy Pools

We believe in the amazing power of water and what it can do not only for your patients, but also for your business! We’ve recently added an interactive profit analyzer on our website to provide a high-level overview of what the return could be for your clinic.

We have worked with many of our customers to find an accurate representation of the potential for aquatic therapy based on actual results. Many times, though not always, the success of an aquatic therapy program comes from a diverse payor group.

Therapy Pool ROI Areas

Investing in one of our HydroWorx aquatic wellness pools is a wise financial decision. You will see a return on investment in no time. HydroWorx pools are versatile, providing physical therapy clinics with various opportunities to offer more services and attract new clients. Here are a few areas to expect a financial return in when you invest in an aquatic wellness pool:

Why invest in HydroWorx

Health and Recovery Capabilities

Broaden your physical therapy services and attract new customers with an aquatic wellness pool. By owning one of our HydroWorx pools with a built-in treadmill, you can assist patients with chronic conditions, including:

  • Older patients with joint pains and decreased mobility and flexibility.
  • Individuals recovering from reconstruction surgery who need rehabilitation therapy.
  • Patients with osteoarthritis who need aerobic conditioning to ease their pain and improve their sleep.
  • Overweight and obese individuals who struggle with regular physical exercise. 

Fitness Features for Professional Athletes

In addition to serving as a rehabilitation method, therapy pools offer a wide range of fitness benefits. Athletes with sports injuries can use the underwater treadmill to keep their bodies conditioned while their injuries heal. Since water offers more resistance, athletic trainers can use aquatic wellness pools to train their athletes with HIIT workouts.

Fitness for Older Adults

Pro athletes are not the only ones who can benefit from aquatic wellness pools. Older adults who want to stay fit can engage in HIIT and low-intensity aquatic exercises. HydroWorx pools have movable floors, making it easier for older patients to get in and out of the pool.

Spa Treatments

Another potential revenue area is spa treatments. Promote relaxation and faster healing by offering clients deep tissue massages with our built-in resistance jets. Your clients will thank you for this luxurious and practical feature.

Calculate Your Potential Return on Investment


Calculating your potential profit can seem very daunting. After much research and discussion with our customers, we have put together a simple formula for calculating your potential ROI. The answers to the following questions can help you get there:

  • How many new patient evaluations do you expect from adding aquatic therapy in the first four months?
  • How many new patient evaluations do you expect from adding aquatic therapy after the first four months?
  • What do you charge (or anticipate charging) for a new patient evaluation?
  • How many patients would you expect to have in the pool per day in the first four months? (This is the typical ramp-up period for marketing, word of mouth, referrals, etc)
  • How many patients would you expect to have in the pool per day after the first four months?
  • What do you anticipate reimbursement to be for a 15-minute aquatic therapy session (97113)? Check your state rates based on your payor mix (private insurance, Medicare Part B).
  • What is the cost per square foot of your facility?

Using that information, our profit analyzer will provide a high-level view of what you might expect your 5-year total revenue to be. Play around with it! We suggest creating what you think is a conservative estimate and then dream a little and be aggressive on your numbers. Seeing the true potential can help provide a goal for you and your team to really make the most out of your aquatic therapy program.

Once you use our online calculator, we will have a team member contact you to provide a more detailed proforma spreadsheet, which will allow you to dive a little deeper into the numbers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Download our case study of a customer in rural Montana who has seen tremendous success from aquatic therapy>>

Calculate Your Potential Profit


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