Back Pain Relief with Aquatic Therapy

Back Pain Relief with Aquatic Therapy

laminectomyvideoA case study from our archives is a good reminder of the power of aquatic therapy, especially for those with severe back pain. Nancy had a long history of back and neck problems and eventually had a laminectomy many years ago. A laminectomy involves removing a portion of the vertebrae (the lamina) to relieve pressure on the spinal column. Eventually though, Nancy began to have persistent pain radiating down into her leg and was prescribed physical therapy to try to offset the pain. She went to Blanchard Valley Rehab Services for her physical therapy and they immediately recognized the need to put her in the water. Almost as soon as she was lowered into the water in the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool she gained relief from her pain, thanks to the warm water and hydrostatic pressure.

Treating physical therapist, Lori, worked with her to increase her core strength and keep her mobile.  The aquatic therapy had been so beneficial that Nancy noticed as soon as she stopped, and she was quick to return to the water therapy routine to find relief again. The protocols were used mostly to strengthen her core and back. In the water, she did exercises such as:

  • walking on an underwater treadmill
  • leg raises
  • back stretches
  • core exercises
  • squats

To learn more about Nancy’s rehabilitation, please watch the videos below:


To learn more about how aquatic therapy can impact rehabilitation, download our tip sheet, “5 Ways Aquatic Therapy Can Impact Rehabilitation”>>


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