Overcome Obesity with Underwater Treadmill Exercise

Overcome Obesity with Underwater Treadmill Exercise

Underwater Treadmill Research
Underwater Treadmill Research

A research study from 2009 conducted at Texas A & M University, shows the effectiveness of underwater treadmill exercise for overweight adults. The study titled, Comparative Efficacy of Water and Land Treadmill Training for Overweight or Obese Adults,” was conducted in order to explore the efficacy of underwater treadmill exercise training programs by comparing changes in physical fitness, body weight and body composition in physically inactive, overweight and obese men and women.

Fifty-seven overweight men and women took part in this study and maintained dietary logs throughout a twelve week test period. Throughout that time period, the participants were instructed to make no alterations to their diet or physical activity outside of the exercise training protocol. The participants exercised three times per week on an underwater treadmill in the HydroWorx pool.

The underwater treadmill exercise training programs performed by overweight and obese men and women proved to be an effective training modality by producing beneficial changes in body composition and improvements in physical fitness. More lean body mass was gained with the underwater treadmill training program compared to a land treadmill training program. Additionally, body mass index, percent body fat and waist-to-hip ratio were significantly reduced in participants, as well as pain and risk of injury.

This study shows that underwater treadmill training is a viable alternative to traditional land treadmill training especially for overweight adults. Exercising on an underwater treadmill in an aquatic environment produces reductions in body weight, improvement in body composition and aerobic capacity in a twelve week period without dietary intervention.

Not only does underwater treadmill training provide impressive benefits, but it is often a more enjoyable form of exercise due to the reduced body weight and greater range of motion afforded by the buoyancy and warmth of the water.


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