Research Shows the Health Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Adults

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As the days grow shorter and colder this season, it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to stay active, especially for aging adults. The thought of leaving the comfort of your warm home to head out into the cold to exercise does not always seem appealing. However, learning the benefits of warm water […]

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Free Webinar: Aquatics for Energy System Training & Metabolic Conditioning

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Stamina is one of the six limiting but modifiable factors dictating success or failure for almost every athlete, regardless of sport. Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) utilizes aquatics across the stamina spectrum for metabolic conditioning, both in healthy and physically compromised athletes of all ages and sports. Join us on December 16, 2014 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm […]

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Canada Olympic Park Offers Hydrotherapy, World-Class Facilities To All Athletes

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In February 1988 Calgary hosted what some call the most successful Olympic Games of all time. Fourteen hundred athletes from 57 countries came to Canada Olympic Park to compete and show the world what the Great White North had to offer world class athletes. Today, Canada Olympic Park, owned and operated by WinSport — a […]

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  The Tar Heel state is also known as a thriving hub of innovation and Carolina Village retirement community in Hendersonville adds a distinctive contribution to this legacy. It’s impressive new expansion includes many amenities, including a HydroWorx therapy pool. Carolina Village opened its doors in 1974—40 years ago this month—with the hope of providing […]

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4 Ways Aquatic Therapy Can Promote Healing After Joint Replacement

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Hundreds of thousands of joint replacements are done each year in the United States. Replacing a joint can be extremely helpful to those who suffer from great pain, but the recovery can sometimes be strenuous. It is important to begin range of motion exercises soon after surgery, but this can often be a painful process. […]

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Relief from Chronic Pain and Stiffness with Warm Water Program

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Chronic pain and muscle stiffness are common problems in older adults. The more that they have pain while moving, the less they are willing to do activities, which exacerbates the problem. Often an exercise program can help alleviate some of the pain and stiffness, but the soreness and fear of falling that come with it, leave […]

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Transverse Myelitis Rehab Using HydroWorx Pool

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The following post is summarized from the recent video and article, “Teen’s determination to walk takes her 120 miles from home.” A few months ago, we posted about a young girl who was doing rehabilitation in a HydroWorx pool at Kennedy Kreiger for a condition called Transverse myelitis. That is not the only case of this […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from HydroWorx

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Thanksgiving is a holiday known for its great feasts and family gatherings. Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect on the things we are grateful for that are often are overlooked throughout the year. At HydroWorx we are thankful for so many things, but to name just a few: our passionate team, our loyal customers, all […]

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Underwater Treadmill and Cameras Are a Powerful Combination

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The concept of an underwater treadmill and video cameras is one that often intrigues people and sounds like a neat idea. It is difficult, though, to always grasp how powerful that combination can be and the impact it can have. Miles Brothers is a 28 year old traumatic brain injury survivor and is experiencing, first-hand, the […]

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Research Shows Underwater Treadmill Training is Valuable for Athletes

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Numerous studies have shown the benefits of running underwater and using an underwater treadmill. One study, in particular, done by the Division of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance from the University of Idaho ‘investigated the cardio-respiratory responses elicited during maximal-effort runs’ using an underwater treadmill and a land treadmill. There were 23 ‘recreationally competitive […]

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