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Maintaining Cardiovascular Fitness After Hip Replacement and Revision

Maintaining Cardiovascular Fitness After Hip Replacement and Revision

RadicalAquaticWeightLossACCUAHipvideoimageAfter two hip replacements and a hip revision, PE teacher, previous Paralympian and coach, Deb Sunderman used the HydroWorx 500 Series pool at ACCUA in Savage, MN to maintain her cardiovascular endurance and strength. After having the hip surgeries, it was difficult for Sunderman to stay active on land (unless she was running after a student in class). In the water, she was able to do much more than she could on land. Although they did not have her running, she was able to do many kinds of strength training and cardiovascular exercises in the water without risking injuring her hips. The buoyancy of the water helped to remove strain on her hip joints as well.

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At the time, her treating clinician, Chris Kost, took her through an intense workout to reach almost every muscle, which left her more exhausted than many land workouts. Creativity combined with a multitude of aquatic tools such as an underwater treadmill, medicine balls, water dumbbells and resistance jets create an impressive 30 minute session that would leave almost anyone winded. Watch this video from our archives that contains great ideas for keeping individuals active even if they are not able to perform protocols on land. Kost takes Sunderman through many exercises including:

  • Walking warm-up using underwater treadmill
  • Walking with added arm motions against resistance
  • Arm work using dumbbells and medicine ball
  • Core work with special kick board and resistance jets
  • Shoulder work with dumbbells
  • Hip work using underwater treadmill handrail

Watch these videos to learn more about Deb’s case and her pool session:

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