Grade II Hamstring Injury Soothed by HydroWorx Pool Workouts

Grade II Hamstring Injury Soothed by HydroWorx Pool Workouts

For athletes, the diagnosis of a grade II hamstring tear means two things:

1.  It’s time to start resting and then rehabilitating the torn muscle.

2.  The sooner the hamstring heals, the faster the individual can get back in the action.

In general, grade II hamstring tears are of moderate severity.  (Grade I is less severe; grade III is the most severe.)  Those affected may experience a multitude of symptoms including gait issues, pain and swelling.  And because the pressure of walking can create intense discomfort, many find physical therapy to be a challenging process.

That’s one of the reasons that Jason Coleman, a trainer at the Akron Athletics Sports Medicine facility, University of Akron, OH, uses the HydroWorx physical therapy pool to minimize his patients’ physical aches during rehab.

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In the video below, Coleman explains how the HydroWorx pool is getting a college track and field high jumper back to tiptop condition.

Page updated on: July 9, 2020


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