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Chronic Conditions Videos

High School Girl with Leukemia

After being diagnosed with leukemia, Gina fought her way through chemo-therapy treatments only to run into another hurdle; the steroids she was given caused a case of Avascular Necrosis (osteonecrosis). Rehabbing in the HydroWorx pool at ACCUA PT in Savage, MN is the main treatment recommended by her doctors. As she rebuilds her joint and […]

Hemophilia A

Bobby Strom suffers from hemophilia A. He did not walk for 3 years at one point as a youngster because of constant joint bleeds. He calls his HydroWorx experience at ACCUA “life-changing” — he had never run before he was introduced to the underwater treadmill. Under Jeff Kallberg’s supervision, Bobby has improved his fitness levels […]