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Chronic Pain and Arthritis Videos

Fibromyalgia: Mary’s Story

Mary, a fibromyalgia sufferer for years, is now able to enjoy life thanks to the aquatic sessions she attends once a week with Barb Cacia, Wellness Director at Pieters Family Life Center. Barb uses the water to help stretch and strengthen Mary’s muscles, joints and core without causing pain. She is able to do many […]

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

The patient developed reflex dypathetic dystrophy following elbow surgery which caused significant restriction in range of motion and high pain levels. The treating clinician is Jeff Conforti, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and the rehabilitation took place at Conforti Physical Therapy in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Dan Lent-Koop of Orleans Park Arthritis Associates in Hattiesburg, Mississippi facilitates the rehabilitation of a patient with polymyalgia; she credits the HydroWorx pool for reinvigorating her and enhancing her quality of life.

Geriatric Pain and Stiffness

Alaina Glass exercises 85 year-old Scotty Swanson in the HydroWorx pool at Summit Place Senior Campus in Eden Prairie, MN. Scotty was suffering from general chronic pain and stiffness. Now that he regularly utilizes the pool, he’s experiencing less pain and finds his daily activities to be more enjoyable. Along with noticing a boost in […]

High School Girl with Leukemia

After being diagnosed with leukemia, Gina fought her way through chemo-therapy treatments only to run into another hurdle; the steroids she was given caused a case of Avascular Necrosis (osteonecrosis). Rehabbing in the HydroWorx pool at ACCUA PT in Savage, MN is the main treatment recommended by her doctors. As she rebuilds her joint and […]

Hemophilia A

Bobby Strom suffers from hemophilia A. He did not walk for 3 years at one point as a youngster because of constant joint bleeds. He calls his HydroWorx experience at ACCUA “life-changing” — he had never run before he was introduced to the underwater treadmill. Under Jeff Kallberg’s supervision, Bobby has improved his fitness levels […]

Three Back Surgeries and Arthritis

Three unsuccessful back surgeries and a case of arthritis won’t keep Jean in Henrietta, NY from staying in shape and working through recovery. She goes to the Pieters Family Life Center, a part of Heritage Christian Services, for a water exercise class which happens to be the only time she can walk without her cane.

Rheumatoid Arthritic and Asthma

Kathy Ellis had asthma and undiagnosed rheumatoid arthritis that prevented her from pursuing any aerobic activities. She had never run or exercised until she entered the HydroWorx pool at the Robert L. Sharp Health and Fitness Center at Jenks High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jenks’ head athletic trainer, Herb Rhea, details the rehabilitation and exercise […]

Osteoarthritis in Knees with Resulting Obesity

Patient is seeking weight loss alternative as he has severe osteoarthritis in both knees and has had multiple foot surgeries and the physician did not want to perform a total knee replacement due to weight issues. Ryan Furman, Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer at Hand & Ortho in Salt Lake City, UT is the […]

Knee and Hip Arthritis and Back Pain

Pam Cook had been off work for a year and a half with a bad back and arthritis in her knees and hips. Her painful conditions were exacerbated by some extra pounds which were the result of her forced physical therapy. Conventional physical therapy programs did not provide Pam with any relief, but aquatic therapy […]