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How to Open a HydroWorx Pool at Your Clinic

Watch as Martin Jones DPT, Clinic Owner of Classic Rehabilitation in Grand Prairie and Arlington Texas, gives his insight on how to utilize, market and maximize value of his HydroWorx pool.

An Aquatic Success Story

Mark Roberts, Center Manager with Drayer Physical Therapy, discusses the key role a HydroWorx pool has played in his clinics’ financial success. The pool not only benefits a wide variety of his patients but is also a vital link to grow his patient-base. Page Updated on: June 9th, 2020

4 Steps to Aquatic Therapy Success

Angee Neish, formerly Director and Founder Kansas Joint and Spine Aquatic Rehabilitation Center in Wichita, has no shortage of patients. In fact, their facility has gained such a strong reputation that even with two pools, they frequently find themselves turning away new clients. Seeing this growth, Angee has decided to open her own Aquatic Rehabilitation […]

Walking Again

After Bill Rotkosky’s bicycle accident, a broken neck would leave him with quadriplegia for the rest of his life. Faced with living in a wheelchair, Bill decided to do something about that. The 63-year old man from the San Antonio, Texas area sought out the Remington Medical Resort and their HydroWorx pool for his recovery. […]

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – The Keefer Family

Watch as Ty Pennington introduces Brian Keefer, a 24 year old quadriplegic, and the whole Keefer family to their new HydroWorx pool! This therapy pool with underwater treadmill is the key to Brian’s success, and he can now access it everyday in his new home! “In the pool, I’m free!” says Brian Keefer. Watch both […]

I-35 W Bridge Collapse Survivor

On August 1, 2007 Paula and her family were driving across the I-35 bridge . . . when all of a sudden the entire bridge collapsed into the Mississippi river during the middle of rush hour. Suffering from a brain and spinal cord injury, Paula has been on the road to recovery for the past […]

A Wounded Soldier’s Road to Recovery

On September 2nd, 2009 Staff Sgt. Casey Church was aboard a Chinook helicopter on a re-supply mission in Afghanistan, when a RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) hit the plane. Casey got the brunt of the hit, tearing all of the meat and muscle from his mid-left thigh to his right backside. He underwent a total of 18 […]