Stay in Shape During your Football Off-Season

Stay in Shape During your Football Off-Season

The football season is slowly wrapping up with Superbowl Sunday right around the corner. Most colleges and high schools have already ended their seasons and are looking forward to the 2014 season. The question is, how will you stay in shape?

For those of you who are looking for new ideas for your off-season workout, we are here to help! Mike Williams, Athletic trainer at Utah State Athletics, takes us through a typical workout for the Utah State Football offensive line in the HydroWorx pool.

  You’ll see drills, sprints, skill work and the entire O-line pool workout.

Some of the conditioning techniques Williams uses in the video combine both strength and endurance. Through using the jets, resistance is added to create more of a challenge for the athlete. Williams gave examples of exercises, such as squats, side shuffles, sprints, and jumps, with all workouts starting and ending with a 5 minute cool down. The whole workout is around 30 minutes long. Adding a pool workout to your training schedule is a good way to work on your skills with a different tactic. By exercising in warm water you are able to loosen your muscles before you begin an extensive workout.

 Watch Mike Williams give a session to Utah State Football offensive lineman.

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