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Hydrotherapy Pool Care & Maintenance

Hydrotherapy Pool Care & Maintenance

Hydrotherapy pool care and maintenance

Because patient health and safety are so vital in hydrotherapy, pool care and maintenance must be a top priority. In senior living communities particularly, disease outbreaks are common, accounting for about a third of infectious disease reports from these facilities. Proper care and maintenance are essential for preventing disease transmission — in care facilities as well as in health care, physical therapy and athletic training facilities. 

HydroWorx pools provide particular benefits in these areas.

1. Simple Maintenance

Easy maintenance for hydrotherapy pools keeps your units running effectively. With some pools, the burden of upkeep becomes substantial. Parts require adjustments, power outages disrupt the system and the chemicals require constant calibration. With HydroWorx, maintaining your therapy pool is quick and convenient.

We offer an extensive video library that can walk you through maintenance steps such as:

  • Jet adjustment
  • Belt adjustment
  • Heater maintenance
  • Filter maintenance
  • And plenty more

For any problems you can’t solve on your own, our professional support staff is happy to troubleshoot. This means you can spend minimal time worrying about pool maintenance and more time getting patients and athletes back on their feet. 

2. Easy Chemical Balancing

Water chemistry for a therapy pool is critical. The chemical balance of your therapy pool must be just right to ensure patient safety and health. Regularly test the pool’s pH level, total alkalinity and calcium hardness as part of your therapy pool sanitary maintenance. 

Ideally, the pH level of a therapy pool should be about 7.4, and it should always fall somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6. Sanitizing chemicals and body chemistry can change the pH of water, so test it regularly and add pH increasers or decreasers as needed. The total alkalinity prevents the pH from changing too drastically, and it should remain between 80 and 120.

HydroWorx pools offer a unique benefit in terms of calcium hardness because the water hardness has less impact on our pools than it does on many others. Still, low calcium levels in the pool can leach calcium out of the concrete walls, so test your water occasionally to make sure the calcium level is between 200 and 400 parts per million.

3. Proper Sanitary Standards

Having a clean and sanitary pool is crucial so patients don’t contract bacterial infections. Fortunately, you can maintain hygienic standards in our pool using two chemicals: chlorine and bromine. 

To prepare your pool or adjust it if the chemical concentrations are out of balance, you’ll want to sanitize it with a chlorine shock and bromine. The chlorine will kill any existing microorganisms. Once the chlorine has burned off — typically within several hours to a day — the bromine will maintain a hygienic environment by killing microorganisms that accumulate as patients use the pool. 

Contact HydroWorx for All Your Therapy Pool Needs

If you’re interested in adding hydrotherapy water treatment to the services your facility offers, partner with HydroWorx for quality pool solutions. Whether your industry involves health caresenior livingsports medicine or military rehabilitation, we can help you find the pool that will provide the best benefits for your patients or athletes. 

Contact us today to learn more about how HydroWorx can improve your patients’ or athletes’ experience.


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