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How Water Exercise Helps You Stay Fit And Live Longer

How Water Exercise Helps You Stay Fit And Live Longer

Aquatic Exercise in HydroWorx PoolA recent article for medicaldaily.com, How Water Aerobics Help You Stay Fit And Live Longer by Lizette Borelli discusses the advantages of water exercise for everyone.  This article does a great job highlighting some of the benefits and advantages of aquatic exercise.

Water offers a unique workout modality. Exercise itself can reduce the risks of chronic illnesses in the future, but the properties of water offer added benefits.  The buoyancy of water removes stress from joints and muscles allowing for longer workouts without additional pain.  Joint range of motion and muscle function can increase in warm water, which is extremely beneficial to those with inflammation and joint pain. Additionally, hydrostatic pressure continues the relief of pain by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation.

Not only can you find relief from pain, aquatic exercise can actually increase muscle strength, flexibility and endurance thanks to the added resistance of water. Therapy jet technology can increase the level of resistance for even greater conditioning. Studies also show that HydroWorx pool exercise burns more calories per minute than land treadmill exercise when walking or jogging underwater at 4mph or above (jets at 50% or above). Read the full study here>>

Water exercise definitely has its benefits, and most people (4 out of 5 subjects) actually prefer exercising in a HydroWorx pool than on the land treadmill.



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