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How to Set Up Your Hydrotherapy Space

How to Set Up Your Hydrotherapy Space

Where should a physical therapy clinic place a hydrotherapy unit? How should I design my aquatic therapy room? How can I make my hydrotherapy room comfortable for patients and athletes?

Many of our customers also had these questions before they added hydrotherapy to their facilities. Below are examples of hydrotherapy room designs to share ideas and concepts that worked well for the needs of our customers’ patients and athletes.

First are considerations for where to place your hydrotherapy pool within the space available, whether existing or new construction. Second, we’re sharing a few examples of trending hydrotherapy room styles.

Placement Ideas

Part of The Action

Showcase your aquatic therapy service on your training floor to expose patients and athletes who have never experienced hydrotherapy. Giving them a behind-the-scenes look at an aquatic therapy session can drum up interest and make this therapy modality more accessible. Placing it among traditional therapy equipment can create harmony between land-based exercises and hydrotherapy.


Give your patients and athletes control over their comfort. Some facilities provide the option for privacy. In these examples, curtains and varying floor levels create the feeling of privacy without needing a completely separate room.

Private Space

You know your client mix and athletes better than anyone. In some cases, a completely private space is going to serve the needs of your facility best. Whether this is a modest-sized room for a freestanding unit or a large room with multiple pools, private spaces are a favorite with our customers.

Style Ideas


Using natural light is a great way to make a hydrotherapy room feel open, airy, and welcoming. Natural colors allow your pool to shine as the focal point of the room.

Team Focus

Multiple pools in one space invite comradery among those in the room. Inspirational quotes, dramatic overhead lighting, and bold branding set the tone for big games and to stay determined on the recovery and rehab path.


Grounding elements, like wood and stone, along with clean lines and frosted glass create a calming environment for patients and athletes who could be feeling vulnerable during their healing journey.

Clean and Simple

Uncluttered walls and floors give patients and athletes a space to refocus and be present for their hydrotherapy sessions. A simple corner shower space in the first photo streamlines prep time. In the second photo, a combo of plunges and a freestanding unit makes underwater treadmill training and recovery available within a simple, consolidated space.


Incorporating dazzling tile and custom lighting gives a high-class feel to pool rooms. This look creates the mindset of an MVP in an athletic setting and clinic setting as the most valued player or most valued patient.

Create Your Facility’s Hydrotherapy Room

There are limitless ways in which a hydrotherapy room can be designed. Our products feature timeless designs that can adapt to any style room or become the focal point of the entire space.

Let our team help you determine which HydroWorx product is best for your facility’s goals.