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Customer Spotlight: Dive Into Comfort with RiverWoods Manchester

Customer Spotlight: Dive Into Comfort with RiverWoods Manchester

RiverWoods Manchester is making waves as the first Life Care Community to install a HydroWorx RISE unit. It’s rare to see a freestanding unit in a retirement community and the residents are loving their hydrotherapy sessions just as much as we’re loving to hear about their experience!

We sat down with Kim Murphy to discuss how the residents are using the new hydrotherapy unit. RiverWoods is leveraging hydrotherapy for residents with outpatient status in the community for physical therapy, mobility and fitness. The aquatic program at RiverWoods Manchester involves many exercises developed for rehabilitation and mobility, including:

  • Exercises to improve the sit-to-stand motion. The water is adjusted for weight bearing support depending on the strength of the patient. Improving sit-to-stand motions can reduce falls and is critical to maintain independent living.
  • Treadmill work to improve mobility. The underwater treadmill is utilized for forward, backward, and lateral exercises to provide a safe environment to get comfortable with new movements.
  • Endurance exercise. The hydrotherapy team uses a buoyancy belt to perform non-weight bearing activities such as bikes, knee kicks, and scissor legs.
  • Who doesn’t love a massage? The team uses jets for massage after exercise–what’s not to love?

Jeanne, a resident at RiverWoods shares her hydrotherapy experience:

“I firmly believe in water therapy because it makes exercising or rehabbing fun and easy. Customized physical therapy and simple exercises are available while using the HydroWorx tank [RISE]. I especially like the treadmill and the jet current feature. And, I am amazed at how this therapy tank offers such versatility in such a small package.”

– Resident, Jeanne

Hydrotherapy sessions last around 60 minutes for physical therapy and 30 minutes for mobility and fitness programs. RiverWoods has teamed up with the Center for Physical Therapy and Exercise (CPTE) to provide residents with the best level of care. The CPTE team is specially trained in the use and applications of hydrotherapy and are on-site five days a week helping residents improve their mobility and endurance. 

“We LOVE the RISE. Residents are raving.” 

– Kim Murphy, Marketing Specialist

Kim comments that the team is so excited that there’s finally a hydrotherapy option that works for small spaces right within the existing community. The CPTE team can do almost any exercises in the RISE that they can do in a full sized pool. Hydrotherapy is giving the RiverWoods residents the ability to improve their mobility, balance, and circulation in a fun and engaging environment.

The RiverWoods community can’t wait to continue to see the benefits for years to come in their community. Thank you for sharing your story RiverWoods.

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