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5 Popular Hydrotherapy Pool Pairings for Athletic Facilities

5 Popular Hydrotherapy Pool Pairings for Athletic Facilities

1: HydroWorx 750 & Classic Plunges

What we love: The 750 offers an optional deep well for additional rehab exercises beyond what can be completed with the multiple floor levels and standard underwater treadmill. Our Classic plunges come in three size configurations and can be set to hot or cold. These two pools create a powerful duo.

2: HydroWorx 2000 & Rejuvenate Plunge

What we love: Our HydroWorx 2000 offers a roomy 8’x12′ treatment area, which is actually a nearly wall-to-wall underwater treadmill that can adjust from 0″-6′ in depth. Rejuvenates come in eight different size configurations and can be set to hot or cold. If you’re looking for versatility and lots of space, this is your pair.

3: HydroWorx 2000 & Classic Plunge

What we love: Similar to the previous set, a HydroWorx 2000 with a Classic Plunge offers the best of both worlds: hot and cold recovery, plus rehab and conditioning training. If your facility doesn’t need the Rejuvenate’s modular design, a Classic Plunge is a perfect choice.

4: Plunges with Plunges

What we love: Side-by-side plunges make hot and cold water therapy fast and efficient for recovery and conditioning. Choose from our in-ground solutions or transportable plunge for flexibility. A set of plunges is a coveted choice among college and professional athletic facilities.

5: HydroWorx 1200 & Classic Plunge

What we love: If you don’t have quite the room for a 2000 and large Classic, Plunge, don’t fret. Go with our 1200 and a moderately-sized Classic. Both have all the same features as their counterparts, but can fit into the space you have available, like this unique narrow hydrotherapy room.

Start Planning Your Hydrotherapy Room

Whether your project is going to start within the next season, the next three years, or perhaps it’s already underway, it’s never too early or too late to start planning your hydrotherapy room.

Let our team help you find the perfect product fit for your needs.

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