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Post-Surgery Recovery in an Aquatic Therapy Pool

Hydroworx 500Surgery rehab pools such as HydroWorx have been clinically proven to speed recovery and improve outcomes for patients recuperating after a wide range of procedures. Whether your clients are elite athletes or older adults, a HydroWorx surgery recovery pool can be an important ally for clinicians in a variety of fields. Our products provide several opportunities to expand your facility by offering value-added services and additional revenue streams.

You can find out more about HydroWorx pools and about the benefits of aquatic therapy post-surgery, by requesting a free informational DVD or testing our products at a location near you. Contact HydroWorx for more information!

Helping Elite Athletes Since 1998

HydroWorx surgery rehab pools are trusted by some of the world's top professional sports teams, including the Philadelphia Phillies, the Indiana Pacers, the Detroit Lions, Manchester United and St. George's Park. When a professional athlete is recovering from surgery, the most advanced tools are required to help them get back to playing condition quickly, without re-injuring themselves. Because a HydroWorx surgery therapy pool can be adjusted to provide everything from gentle resistance to an intense workout, it is an ideal environment for top athletes to begin and continue their recovery.

Clinical research supports the benefits of regular exercise in a surgery rehabilitation pool. A study conducted by Drs. Mary E. Sanders and Daryl Lawson noted "A thirty five year old world-class soccer player who sustained a complete tear of his ACL was able to return to play within ninety days of surgery due to aquatic therapy six days per week, twice a day." Water provides a low-impact exercise environment that, through the use of the standard resistance jets included on each HydroWorx surgery recovery pool, can still deliver the intense workout an elite athlete requires to return to top form.

Ideal for Healthcare Clinics and Senior Living Facilities

Aquatic Pool Senior Citizens

No matter who your clients are, the flexibility of a HydroWorx pool allows you to create a rehab program tailored to their level. The natural buoyancy of water promotes a wider range of motion and strengthens back muscles. Additionally, all HydroWorx pools come with a deep tissue massage hose to deliver a soothing post-session cool down that strips away lactic acid, resulting in decreased soreness.

To read some of the over 100 clinical studies that speak to the effectiveness of aquatic therapy for post-surgery recovery, visit our research page.

Faster Recoveries Mean Increased Profits

A HydroWorx pool is an important investment, both in the health and recovery of your clients and in the future of your business. Aquatherapy opens up new revenue streams and speeds patient recovery time, allowing you to take on more clients than you would using only traditional, land-based PT.

We offer several convenient financing options that make it easy to add a surgery rehab pool to your facility without a large capital investment. For more information about how HydroWorx can benefit you, order your free business plan and ROI calculator today.