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Arm Yourself With The Ultimate Rehabilitation Tool

HydroWorx has combined the healing properties of water with our powerful therapy jets, underwater treadmill and massage system to lessen arthritic pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia; enhance post surgery recovery; and bring relief for other health conditions. These features allow you to begin therapy sooner and recover patients faster.

Variable Speed  Underwater Treadmill

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill

With the HydroWorx underwater treadmill your patients or athletes can simulate appropriate walking mechanics and exercise virtually pain free.  The variable speed treadmill allows patients or athletes to progress at their own pace, while the buoyancy of the water eliminates the fear of falling or re-injury. An underwater treadmill also provides resistance for range of motion exercises and for stretching and therapeutic exercises.

Resistance / Therapy Jets

Resistance / Therapy Jets

Increase strength and range of motion in your patients or athletes joints and muscles by utilizing our resistance and therapy jets.  Walking or jogging on the treadmill against the jets enhances therapy and builds strength and stamina.  Stretching and exercising against the jets also tones and relaxes muscles and the jets aid in stripping the muscles of lactic acid.

Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage

Our complete massage system allows you to adjust the flow to trigger a deep penetrating massage on arthritic joints or a light massage to ease aching and sore muscles.  With the HydroWorx massage system, patients or athletes can target chronic areas to relieve spasms or relax a sore muscle.

Adjustable  Floor & Depth

Adjustable Floor & Depth

Make accessing the pool quick and easy with HydroWorx Technology. Our HydroWorx 2000 & 1200 Series pools come with an adjustable floor allowing patients or athletes to instantly and safely enter the water with no ladders or step. Our HydroWorx 5000, 3500, 750, 500 & InstaFit Series pools can be customized with chair lifts for safe exits and entries.

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