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Actor’s Fund Homes

Actor’s Fund Homes Englewood, NJ

In Englewood, New Jersey, The Actors Fund Home—one of four housing initiative of the Fund—provides assisted living and skilled nursing services to entertainment professionals. It began in 1902 and is home to many household names as well as those who assisted in making them household names. Current residents include designers, writers, sound technicians, vaudeville performers, musicians, dancers, administrators, directors, film editors, stagehands and actors.

Recently, The Actors Fund Home added a new rehabilitation wing. Expansive gardens surround the new Shubert Pavilion, which boasts comfortable lounges, vast natural lighting and innovative activities of daily living (ADL) spaces. The showcase piece of the space is the HydroWorx 300 and the incredible design work surrounding it, achieved collaboratively by The Actors Fund Home executive director Jordan Strohl and the architect, Steve Leone.

Page Updated on: March 26, 2020

“The HydroWorx pool is a showcase piece within a beautiful therapy room. And the early feedback we’re receiving from residents and their families is really off the charts. They love the pool. Hospital care coordinators tell us there is nothing like it in the area. We wanted to offer something unique and extremely beneficial to the community and our residents.”

Jordan Strohl Executive Director
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