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Vereen Rehabilitation Center

Vereen Rehabilitation Center Moultrie, Georgia

In Vereen Rehabilitation’s Center’s (the therapy arm of Colquitt Regional Medical Center) two-year existence, the regional medical center has increased rehab patient volume over 200% through championing a robust aquatic therapy program, providing a full range of therapeutic services, launching a sports medicine program which now services seven area schools—including 110 varsity teams—and even hosting to a weekly TV show.

Our state-of-the-art therapy pool is our premier rehab modality and helps us stand out to all of our market segments. When folks get injured or undergo surgery, they often hurt themselves trying to immediately return to their previous level of activity and that’s frustrating for them. The HydroWorx pool gives us the ability to start them out doing their normal exercises, but in a safe, pain-free environment. And it works for the entire spectrum of patients.

We can get people away from developing a limp by getting them in the pool, using the underwater camera, letting them see what they are doing wrong in real time. We save ourselves work down the road because we don’t have to unlearn bad habits.

Scott Rominowski Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy
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  • Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill (up to two)
  • Resistance Therapy Jet with Massage Hose (up to five stations)
  • 7' Deep Water Access Area (Optional Upgrade)
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