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Meet The Team

The HydroWorx Team

HydroWorx is proud to have an all-star team that is passionate about our work and the people we impact.

While we have a team of several amazing people across the company, meet some of dedicated team members below!

Mark Schoen

Southwest Regional Sales Manager

Mark Schoen has dedicated his life to helping people get and stay healthy. Starting out as an Athletic Trainer, he knows firsthand how crucial it is to make the recovery process as smooth and effective as possible.

Mark has witnessed the growing emphasis on the connection between injury, recovery, and mental well-being throughout his career. Injured athletes can feel removed from their social circle and support group while recovering, leaving them with emotional wounds on top of their physical ones.

Mark says guiding athletes (and patients) through the recovery process requires a holistic approach, which is being fulfilled much better today than in years past.

There is a psychology to injury. thletic Trainers aren’t just worried about what athletes are doing at the complex. They care about the athlete’s sleep, nutrition, mental health, counseling needs, emotional state, and more.

Mark Scohen

Mark helps equip Athletic Trainers and healthcare practitioners with our hydrotherapy pools that enable them to provide their athletes and patients with the best recovery experience possible so they can become and stay healthy physically and mentally.

When he isn’t working, you can find Mark spending time with his family or enjoying a day at the golf course.

Clint Tallman

Regional Sales Manager

Clint Tallman originally joined our team in 2008, when aquatic therapy was not as well-known globally. At that time, Clint traveled around the world to introduce sports professionals to HydroWorx. 

In the athletic training world, HydroWorx has now become a household name. That’s an incredible accomplishment in little more than a decade.

Clint Tallman

Clint stands by HydroWorx technology because it is truly life-changing. Our innovation team regularly receives feedback from clients that helps us better understand their needs and how we can adapt our products to improve functionality. Over the years, we’ve continually raised the industry bar and led the way in advancing aquatic therapy technology. 

Today, nearly every top 25 Division I athletics program and professional sports team has HydroWorx pools in their training facilities. 

After his season of world-traveling with HydroWorx, Clint pursued other endeavors (like project management and teaching) for a few years that provided him with valuable, unique experience for his current role. 

Knowing that I helped make our product available to a new community is an unbelievable reward. It doesn’t matter how hard the day, week, or month is. One patient that gains a new lease on life is fuel for the fire. It’s a mission to get this technology to as many people as I can. I look forward to it every single day.

Clint Tallman

When Clint isn’t meeting with clients, you can find him spending time with his family outdoors, practicing archery, or kayaking with friends.

Tyler Kirkpatrick

Installation Manager

Every day, over 30,000 athletes and patients use HydroWorx technology to recover from injuries and health conditions.

Out of 150 professional sports teams across five different leagues, 112 use HydroWorx for their training and recovery facilities.

It doesn’t stop there. Our HydroWorx family is constantly growing. Right now, we have products out on the road being delivered to new customers and installed on new project job sites.

Plus, our trained service technicians are out visiting customers to provide regular maintenance on our products, some of which have been part of our HydroWorx family for 10, 15, or even over 20 years.

Our Director of Install and Service, Tyler, keeps his eyes on all of these quickly moving pieces at all times.

Tyler manages our field technicians, a crew that set us apart in the industry. He works hard to grow and train our service and install team to keep up with our new customers’ schedules and quickly support our ever-growing HydroWorx family.

The majority of our customers are within the athletic and healthcare industries, which has primed us to move quickly. Injuries are not planned. Athletic trainers and physical therapists need to have access to their equipment at all times. Creating systems for installation and service to be completed efficiently ensures our customers have as little downtime as possible.

When asked what sparked his interest in joining HydroWorx, Tyler responded, “HydroWorx has such an innovative and interesting product that serves a meaningful purpose and provides others with life-changing potential.”

Seeing the life-changing results of the work we do is what Tyler considers to be the most rewarding aspect of his role. “I was part of finalizing the completion of a pool at a children’s hospital,” he shares, “and was there in person to see the joy and excitement of the little girl who would be the first one to use it and walk on her own for the first time.”

Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, being outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, and golfing with friends.

Marlin Yohn

Engineering Manager

Many of the innovations over our 25-year history wouldn’t have been possible without Marlin Yohn, HydroWorx Engineering Manager.

Marlin has been part of the HydroWorx story since 1998 and even worked with the company’s founders to develop the Computer Based Software and Control systems.

Marlin has been able to witness some of the life-changing moments HydroWorx pools have helped create.

I was present for the first day of open operation of a HydroWorx 2000 in a senior living facility. Watching 80 to 90-year-olds’ emotions coming back to life, remembering, and feeling young again – that is the first moment I realized the significance that the HydroWorx products can have to improve the lives of everyone that has access to one.

Marlin Yohn

Making HydroWorx products more accessible is exactly what Marlin sets out to do every day as he develops ways for HydroWorx products to meet as many regulatory standards as possible.

Marlin leads the process for conditioning and testing new products for regulatory compliances including UL, CE, NSF, and other national and international standards organizations.

Making HydroWorx products more accessible is exactly what Marlin sets out to do every day as he develops ways for HydroWorx products to meet as many regulatory standards as possible.

Marlin leads the process for conditioning and testing new products for regulatory compliances including UL, CE, NSF, and other national and international standards organizations.

On top of all this, Marlin also supports the installation and field service teams as needed and marketing teams during live demos and trade shows.

Amidst his busy schedule, every now and then you can hear him taking a much-needed and well-deserved break to play his guitar. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Marlin playing his guitar, piano, or bass guitar for fun, with a band live or in the studio, enjoying life with his wife Linda, or hanging with his three goats (William, Wilbur, and Coco) down by the stream.

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