Utilizing Aquatic Therapy for Labral Repair Rehabilitation

Utilizing Aquatic Therapy for Labral Repair Rehabilitation


Sponsored by HydroWorx
Presented by: Jeremy Braziel, ATC, LAT, FMS, SFMA, CES, TPI-CGFI, TPI-JC2, Certified Athletic Trainer, Shoulder Center of Arkansas

Labral injuries are a common pathology associated with both traumatic and repetitive events. These injuries often require surgery or focused conservative treatment and lead to lengthy recovery times. In this webinar, Jeremy Braziel, Athletic Trainer at 201 @ The Shoulder Center of Arkansas, will discuss how to effectively integrate aquatic therapy into a labral repair rehabilitation program in order to improve patient outcomes.

Jeremy will review the various aspects of labral injuries and glenohumeral instability including contributing factors, symptoms and diagnosis. He will provide specific and practical exercise strategies utilizing various equipment and patient positions that can be applied to various stages of the rehabilitation protocol. Jeremy will discuss how these strategies have been developed to safely, efficiently and effectively bridge the gap between rehabilitation and return to participation.


  • Address potential contributing factors contributing to kinematic and pathological deficiencies commonly associated with labral injuries.
  • Identify the benefits of an aquatic environment that can be used to improve patient outcomes after labral repair.
  • Apply specific aquatic exercises to increase function, stabilization, conditioning and strength after labral injury surgical repair.