The Use of Water Immersion for Recovery

The Use of Water Immersion for Recovery


December 20, 2017 from 1:00-2:00pm EST
Sponsored by HydroWorx

Presented By: Nick Held, M.Hk, CSCS, Research and Development Manager at Hydrathletics


In this webinar, Nick Held, Research and Development Manager at Hydrathletics, will focus on the use of water immersion to enhance recovery after exercise. Water immersion for recovery purposes has become common practice in both sports and healthcare rehabilitation settings. There are multiple types of water immersion that are commonly practiced with the most popular being cold-water immersion, hot-water immersion and contrast water immersion. Although the use of water immersion is common practice, there are unclear results in the scientific literature regarding the effectiveness of the modality. This webinar aims to present some of the findings in the literature and discuss methodological considerations in order to make decisions about how to effectively use water immersion to aid in recovery. Important considerations will be given to the following learning objectives.


  • Identify the properties of water immersion that influence recovery.
  • Utilize assessment tools to measure recovery.
  • Apply methodological (i.e. type, time, temperature) considerations to enhance recovery.

Approved_CE_Provider_VF_RGB_p.pngContinuing Education: This course is intended for athletic trainers. 1 CEU is available through the BOC for athletic trainers who watch the live webinar in its entirety.