The Use of Hydrotherapy for Early Progression of Rehabilitation Protocols

The Use of Hydrotherapy for Early Progression of Rehabilitation Protocols


The webinar will give an overview of the criterion based rehabilitation philosophies used at Perform at St. George’s Park, and how hydrotherapy is used in the early phases of rehabilitation to challenge the athletes to stimulate improvements in neuromuscular control and progressively load. It will include videos of examples of these progressions and discuss how these link directly to some of the ‘out of water’ progressions in the rehabilitation.

Kemp will discuss the following topics during the webinar:

  • How progression from each phase of rehabilitation can be achieved earlier using hydrotherapy
  • How bilateral loading can be started in the water as soon as the wounds have sufficiently healed
  • How Kemp uses his pool depth, jets, and treadmill for proprioceptive challenge in multiple planes of movement
  • How such neuromuscular challenging rehabilitation in a safe environment can allow the ‘out of water’ exit criteria to be achieved much earlier and can lead to reduced rehabilitation times

Attendees will learn:

  • Multi-planar protocols for challenging proprioception
  • Speaker Bio:

    Steve Kemp is the High Performance Physiotherapist at Perform Sport Medicine facility at St. George’s Park UK. He leads the rehabilitation of all athletes attending the National Football Centre. His current role sees him leading the rehabilitation strategies for Perform nationwide and leading rehabilitation of the Professional Footballers Association residential rehabilitation scheme which is based at St. George’s Park. In addition to this role he is physiotherapist for the Senior England Football Team and travels home and away with the team and will be attending the Brazil 2014 World Cup with the team. Steve had worked in professional Sport for over 14 years. Prior to his appointment with The Football Association and Perform, he has been Head of Medical Services at Wolverhampton Wanderers and Preston North End and has also worked at Leeds United and has also worked internationally with Busan Icons in South Korea.