Utilizing Aquatic Exercise for Core Stability

Utilizing Aquatic Exercise for Core Stability


February 8, 2017 from 1:00-2:00pm EST

Presented By: Murphy Grant, MS, LAT, PES, CES, Assistant Athletic Director – Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer at University of Kansas

In this webinar, Murphy Grant, MS, ATC, PES, CES, Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Kansas, will provide ideas for using the benefits of water for core stability exercises as they relate to sports-related activity. The presentation will include practical exercises for stabilizing and strengthening the core and the applicable speed, depth, and progression for each exercise. This webinar will provide specific strategies for developing a core stability program emphasizing the use of aquatic therapy as a medium to implement them. The strategies are developed to safely, efficiently and effectively bridge the challenging gap between rehabilitation and performance.


  •  Implement a systematic approach to core training in the water
  • Practice aquatic techniques to work around specific contraindications
  • Apply effective core stabilization exercises to prepare athletes for multi-directional movements
  • Employ strategies to gain and maintain core strength while minimizing residual soreness

Do not limit yourself to utilizing the dynamic properties of water strictly for rehab purposes! Learn to elevate your healthy athletes’ training and recovery to a new level by taking the workout to the pool. Sometimes you need something different to challenge your athletes so they don’t get bored, stale or hit a plateau. The key is to do this without sacrificing the high performance training that they need to excel in their sport. Hydrotherapy can be the missing piece to the training and recovery puzzle. Watch this webinar to see exactly how!