Aquatics for Energy System Training & Metabolic Conditioning

Aquatics for Energy System Training & Metabolic Conditioning


Presented By: Lance Walker, Global Director of Performance for Michael Johnson Performance

Stamina is one of the six limiting but modifiable factors dictating success or failure for almost every athlete, regardless of sport. Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) utilizes aquatics across the stamina spectrum for metabolic conditioning, both in healthy and physically compromised athletes of all ages and sports. This webinar will introduce the MJP 3-component stamina category and how it fits the overall MJP training system. The webinar will also offer minimal effective dosages for each component and specific training prescriptions using aquatics as the metabolic training modality.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How stamina can impact the performance of healthy athletes and recovery of injured athletes
  • The qualities of the aquatic environment that make it ideal for improving stamina
  • How metabolic conditioning can be integrated into an overall training system
  • Specific protocols using aquatics for energy system training


Lance Walker is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and a Registered Physical Therapist in the state of Texas. He previously served as Director of Performance Training at Integrated Athletic Development responsible for the training and/or physical rehabilitation needs of over 50 active professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, CBA, and CFL. Lance served three seasons as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Dallas Cowboys. Lance brings an extensive background in strength and conditioning and sports medicine at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Prior to joining the Dallas Cowboys, Lance held performance trainer positions at the University of Oklahoma and the Casady School (OK), where he worked directly with athletes across many sports, including football, basketball, track, golf, gymnastics and wrestling, among others. A 1993 graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Lance earned three varsity football letters and attained Academic All-Big 8 honors as a receiver. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Oklahoma and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma. A well-recognized authority in his field, Lance has contributed to over 10 professional publications in sport science and presented at over 15 national conferences.