Aquatic Therapy for Non-Operative Hip Labrum Repair

Aquatic Therapy for Non-Operative Hip Labrum Repair


In this webinar, Murphy Grant, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at University of Kansas, will provide ideas for using the benefits of aquatic therapy for the rehabilitation of hip labral injury as it relates sports-related activity. The presentation will include a discussion of implementing aquatic therapy into an overall rehabilitation protocol. Murphy will demonstrate practical exercises used to strengthen the hip using varying water depths and resistance jets. He will also discuss the speeds, depth and progression for each exercise.

This webinar will provide specific strategies for developing a rehabilitation plan for the hip emphasizing the use of aquatic therapy as a medium to implement them. The strategies are developed to safely, efficiently and effectively bridge the challenging gap between rehabilitation and performance.


  • Implement a systematic approach to hip rehabilitation and movement in an aquatic environment.
  •  Utilize aquatic therapy to work around specific contraindications with hip labrum repair.
  • Apply effective rehabilitation techniques to prepare athletes for multi-directional movements.


Continuing Education: This course is intended for athletic trainers. One CEU is available through the BOC for athletic trainers who watch the live webinar in its entirety.